The comprehensive resource for budget commander deckbuilding

Building on a Budget

Two‐Dollar Commander, also known as “2DH”, is a Commander (or EDH) variant format where each card in your deck costs $2 or less. Newer players, and players on a budget can build competitive decks, without breaking the bank.

How it Works

The beginning of the Commander season starts with the release of new Commander products. For 2017, it starts August 25th.

Whenever a product featuring a booster box has a pre‐release, all Commander‐legal cards in that set that are $2 or less are immediately added to the pool. Two weeks after the product’s official release, the pool is updated to include any Commander‐legal cards ever that have newly reached $2 or less.

Any card that is in the pool remains legal until the end of the season, even if the price jumps over $2.

Cards as commanders are a bit more lenient. They are legal when priced at $5 or less.

Getting Started

Feel free to check out what’s recently added to the card pool, as well as the current banned list.